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Tune - The AFR shows that I am running slightly more than rich, as next-to-last red LED is consistently lit during highway cruising range (65mph-85mph). Pipe slips in middle of rear pipe and the front pipe slips into the collector. These will be available in the five product ranges we currently offer.Should I swap down to the next leaner intermediate jet on the Super E? Overall, I am highly satisfied and pleased with the pipe and your customer service. Easy to install even if you read at a fourth grade level. Thank y'all, every Harley I get will have and RB racing exhaust system on it." JPM USN. FXRT's are sort of rare these days as they weren't around a long time and people tended to buy Dressers instead of this "Sports Tourer".I know I made the correct choice and believe that the RB LSR is the best 2 into 1 pipe choice for any FXR for looks and performance. The FXRTs have non-standard floorboards and the earlier style 5 speed transmission with the clutch cable coming around the left side. The stock rear rubber Lord mount is not used as we provide a three point transmission mount.Thanks for all of the patience and professionalism you demonstrated in answering my email questions through the past couple of years, during which I changed my motor, transmission and foot-peg set-up, thus delaying my purchase by ultimately effecting the decision on style and shape of the custom-made pipe. Harley abandoned the Lord mount later on as they all broke.

As promised attached are several photos of the newly installed RB 2 in 1 pipe on my FXR. One blip of the throttle is all it takes to spark envy. Custom Decals by Steve Cheverie Customer writes: "Just wanted to say thanks for your product I have just got my bike back from the dyno from my local HD shop and wanna say I'm pleased with my order! In my opinion it has a good clean sound that is somewhat unique. As for sound, they have a deep throaty note to them.

Believe it or not, this bike started out as a 1999 FXR3 (green flame). It has a noticeable volume and powerful sound on acceleration complimented by a smooth deceleration growl. It’s amazing how spot-on the fitment of the slip joints are. I installed my pipes at home with no trouble at all. Going on a 2000 mile trip in a month and will have a better feeling about the performance difference.

I bought it pre-owned in its stock form in 2009 with only 1,600 miles on the clock. He did the same motor and cam recently with a pipe that had some 'back pressure'. " Dyna Low Rider S LSR 2-1 Slash Cut 2" , 00-1390 in Dual Coat Ceramic Black. Also comes with eight exhaust nuts: four and four extra. Cruising volume is somehow arguably quieter than the V&H slip-ons that were on the bike previously. The mounting bracket is perfect in form, fit and function. I have the print out of my dyno sheet if you are interested in that at all? "Customer writes: "Here is my 2013 Dyna Wide Glide with the lsr 2-1. The only thing that I noticed first off was the RPM increased by about 200 at idle over the old pipes.

In actual dyno tuning you really have to hold one "site" i.e.

the intersect of load and rpm to get an accurate feedback.

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It's still an air-cooled 45 degree V-Twin no matter what they say about water or oil cooling. It just has less flexibility in terms of modification than EVOs or Twin Cams at this time. All LSR 2-1 Milwaukee 8 Exhausts come standard with both 12mm and 18mm O2 ports.

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