Being the rebound in dating newport dating site

Being the rebound in dating

It’s always a good idea to communicate first, before you begin burning your partner’s clothes in a pyre in the backyard.

The next, they’re calling you up at 4am begging for your company, declaring their undying love, and desperately clinging to you through the night like a shell-shocked limpet.

Regardless of whether they are singing their praises, discussing the differences between the two of you, or cursing them to oblivion, the fact remains that they are constantly thinking about their previous relationship, which doesn’t bode well for the outcome of your current one.

If you’ve surveyed the situation and your inner Sherlock has deduced that you are, in fact, essentially a mannequin with the face of your partner’s ex printed out and taped on, it may well be time to walk.

Break ups have been found to elicit anger, which in turn becomes a desire to ‘get even’, and consequently it’s not unheard of for rebound relationships to be born out of a straight-up desire for cold blooded revenge. However, if you have a creeping suspicion your new partner might be with you purely out of a desire to get over someone else, here are a few rebound relationship signs to look out for.

A word of advice for the world’s unwillingly dumped, out for vengeance: haven’t you read Moby Dick? ​​Your partner tells you they love you within a fortnight, suggests moving in together within a month, and yet despite all the large-scale displays of affection, you feel that you’ve never truly taken the time to get to know one another.

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However – that’s not to say that true love can’t grow from turmoil.

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