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While the former was blatantly occult and spiritually pantheist, the latter was essentially de-spiritualized pagan materialism---a magical version of the former falsely presenting itself as demonstrable empirical science to masses of hopeless people bereft of assurances of immortality, who after so great an attack on biblical revelation were ." (James Webb, The Occult Underground)One such 'scientific' revelation was provided by Karl Marx. He closely studied ancient and modern wisdom traditions including ancient Egyptian Hermetic magic and Babylonian Kabala as well as mesmerism, psychic phenomena, dowsing, precognition, and sorcery. In an expose of Jung's occult tendencies Richard Noll writes: "With the founding of the Society for Psychical Research in England in 1882, and the copious publications of its investigators, new models of the unconscious mind emerged.Marxs' secular-atheist dialectical-materialism (evolving animated matter) cannot be understood apart from the inventor of the dialectic system, master-magician G. He professed belief in a pantheistic Earth Spirit, and informally aligned himself with Hermetic societies, anti-Christian God Freemasons, and the pantheist-Rosicrucian's. Among those who founded the SPR were Henry Sidgwick, Arthur Balfour -- later a conservative Prime Minister -- and his brother, Gerald." (The Fabians, p. The most respected model was that of the 'subliminal self' by Frederick Myers (1843-1901), the 'mytho-poetic' (myth-making) function of which resembles Jung's later conception of a collective unconscious.Today it is 'green' Technocracy, a scientific dictatorship calling for the radical transformation of traditional Western economics, government, law, energy, Christianity, and humanity which is why it maliciously fosters the atheism, amorality, envy, chaos, blood-letting and revolution necessary for undermining and overthrowing already existing governments.(Technocracy Rising: The Trojan Horse of Global Transformation, Patrick M. And this is the victory that has overcome the world: our faith. Only he who believes that Jesus is the Son of God." 1 John 5:3-5 ." (Earth's Earliest Ages, G. Evolution is promulgated as an ideology, a secular humanist religion, a "" I am an ardent evolutionist and an ex-Christian, but I must admit that in this one complaint—and Mr [sic] Gish is but one of many to make it—the literalists are absolutely right. This was true of evolution in the beginning, and it is true of evolution still today.." Michael Ruse Michael Ruse was professor of philosophy and zoology at the University of Guelph, Canada. 243, 245)Today evolutionary philosophy and the ancient wisdom traditions undergirding it are promoted by modern practitioners as more than mere science.Dissenting clergymen too began to find a place in the Fabian Society and the London Progressives, while Unitarian churches and centres like Stanton Coit's Ethical Church provided a meeting place for believers and idealist agnostics . 18)The failure of many Anglican hierarchy to repudiate apostatizing higher Biblical critics and radical freethinkers scandalized faithful, orthodox Evangelicals, whose outraged response was considered reactionary by the scholarly community. Evolution or what (Sidney) Webb called Zeitgeist, had taken the place of Providence, yet what Webb described as 'blind social forces...which went on inexorably working out social salvation' did not relieve men of their moral responsibility.In 1861, Benjamin Jowett and six liberal Churchmen published a volume entitled It seemed to conservative Christians quite appalling that at a time when the impregnable rock of Holy Scripture was being undermined by Darwin and his allies, a group of those whose sacred duty should have been to shore it up again had conspired to hammer their wedges not under it but into it." Scepticism based on science flowed into and reinforced the older stream of doubt stemming from historical and ethical considerations. Victorian religion had taught that a belief in God's purposes must be accompanied by an effort to discern and advance them.

" that the Christian is a pilgrim on the road to a heavenly city, that the social structures of the earthly city do not represent the coming of God's kingdom, and the vision of a society should be to direct man to what is transcendent Evolutionary ministers are blind guides leading blind sheep deeper and deeper into the void.

Early on Lewis understood that these two types of pagan and pantheist humanism were merely two sides of the same revival of nature and self-worship (idolatry). Thus, to realize the tremendous task that racialist Fabians assigned themselves in their sinister work of scientifically engineering a new order and a New Man we need to reflect on Darwin's shattering books, said Gatto: (Gatto, p.

Thus he argued, occult pantheist and materialist humanism are not enemies in principle but rather cooperating philosophies of naturalism united against the personal God in three Persons who created ex nihilo, His Authoritative Revelation to mankind, Original Sin, man as His spiritual image-bearer, moral law, immutable truth, Christian theism, and Christian-based civilization. 179) Together, Darwin's books issued a license to America's ruling caste to justify racism, moral relativism, the imposition of evolutionary teaching, forced schooling, perverse sex education, population control schemes, and much more, all destructive of America's traditional Christian-based Republic.

Wood) Scientifically Demonstrable Revelations In the heart of Christendom at the time of the Renaissance the "alternative" originally took the form of occult pantheist humanism bespeaking evolution of divine spark or spirit to higher and higher states of god-consciousness.

Later on another form arose: evolutionary secular materialist humanism. Hegel was an important member of the occult intelligentsia.

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Much if not most of the madness, chaos, apostasy, and all else that has gone so horribly wrong here in America is attributable to the Fabians. By the turn of the century the Fabian program based in "scientifically demonstrable" revelations from the spirit realm and racialist Darwinism was spreading quickly through the best colleges and universities capturing the minds of America's best and brightest issuing in the view that rights, wealth, and privileges are the preserve of the superior caste in control of an omniscient mystical god-State together with salvation as a pantheist conception based in ideas of collectivity.

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