Dating a junkie

So I'm going to be strong and stay away from you and never touch you again. She's getting old now, and look what you've made me do, my nan — £120 stolen off her, once again 'cause of you.

My family have supported me all the way but I just kick them up the backside taking advantage of them. I love my family from the bottom of my heart, it's not nice being called a junkie or smacked. Well I feel small, you made me feel like I'm worth nothing, just a dirty junkie sticking needles in my arms. Yeah, you've messed me up nearly two and a half years of my life but I've still got my whole life ahead of me and I'm going to prove to everyone that I can stay away from you, going to college, getting a job and a car.

By losing my family, thinking about you p****s me off.

But not anymore, I'll make sure you stay away from me, and I'll stay away from you.

"It was exactly the kind of thing that was lacking back home.

There are agencies in Llanelli to help drug addicts, but they don't work together and that means people slip through the net." Hannah returned to Llanelli again in July 2008.

"From taking that first E, Hannah got involved with the wrong crowd and by the time she was 15 – in 2007 shed tried heroin.

Lisa, from Clapham, said: "Inevitably, she fell back in with her old mates and within weeks she was using heroin again.

"By March the next year she looked awful she was pale and skeletal, with that dreadful dead look in her eyes that all heroin addicts have, and track marks up her arms where shed been injecting.

"Hannah was determined that her words would help other young people. It's the least we can do." Goodbye Heroin, by 17-year-old Hannah Meredith.

Dear Heroin I never want to touch you ever again, you've ruined my life, made me steal from my family, on probation 'cause of you, why I choose you I don't know?

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You're the worst thing that ever came into my life.

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