Dating a pothead problems

Dating a pothead problems

All the hysterical nitwits blubbering about how “negging” and the like was designed to hurt girls’ self-esteem were .

When she gets bored of her boy-toy, she tosses him in the trash and moves on to a newer, shinier model, and if she can get cash and prizes for trading in her old clunker, that’s just the icing on the cake.Essentially, “confident” women are incapable of viewing men as human beings.When manboobs and feminists say you should be happy that women today are “independent,” this is what they’re arguing for; a world in which romantic relationships are impossible.There’s absolutely no skill or work involved in pissing away your life eating Doritos and jacking off into a tube sock.Women claim they want equal rights as men, but they don’t want equal .

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They’re encouraged to derive self-worth not from their inherent feminine nature but from their college degree, their job or the other illusory trappings of achievement in a man’s world.

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