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The runtime is far too long because the jokes take a while to wind up (like the Netflix and Chill opening, the jokes most frequently center on the audience’s horror of Franco fucking someone’s daughter).And writer-director John Hamburg doesn’t know when to end a scene, let alone the movie. It’s a Christmas present from your trying-to-be-cool aunt or uncle that you fake-pretend to like and then shove away somewhere never to be seen again. The formula is simple (think Hamburg’s script for and sometimes painfully awkward. He’s the (decade plus) older boyfriend of Stephanie (Zoey Deutch).

All of the adult dramatic content of the American movies of the ‘70s, which are my favorite movies, are moving towards television.During this 1-on-1 interview with Collider, actor/executive producer/director James Franco talked about how he came to be working with David Simon, why he’s all in on , wanting to create historical accuracy, his experience also directing episodes of the series, the three-season plan, and why the different stages of learning he’s had in his career have all been so important. Whereas as a director or actor in film, it’s more limited. And then, I read this book, called Difficult Men, which is about the showrunners of this Golden Age of television, with all of the Davids – David Chase, David Milch and David Simon – and Vince Gilligan, and all of those people. It really broke down how this new revolution in television is changing entertainment, where you have fewer episodes, and they’re on cable networks or streaming networks, so you can show more.The result is that Deutch is the only one in the cast who doesn’t get her own comedic moment of her own.It frequently happens for the older men who are ogling her (including a very uncomfortable section where Ned’s co-worker tries to guess Laird’s computer password by naming parts of her body and by demanding to see sexual acts that Stephanie’s engaged in while the computer hacking is in session).

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Stephanie is afforded the ability to make her own decision about whether she wants to be with Laird or not—and that does feel like a step up from the template mentioned above—but it’s frustrating that Deutch isn’t given time to get into the comedy muck with everyone else.

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