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Nevertheless, the shape of our liturgy and the components of our Holy Eucharist are the same, and this is what binds us all together.

“Anglican” simply means “of England” — the Episcopal Church in the United States, like all Anglican churches worldwide, descend from the Church of the English Reformation, whether through colonial histories or missionary activity.“Episcopos” is the Greek word for “bishop.” Thus “Episcopal” means “governed by bishops.” The Episcopal Church maintains the three-fold order of ministry as handed down by the Apostles; deacons, priests and bishops, in direct descent, via the laying on of hands, from the original Apostles.

They together make up the Anglican Communion, a body headed spiritually by the Archbishop of Canterbury and having some 80 million members, making it the second largest Christian body in the Western world.

Through the Anglican Communion, churches across the world worship in many different languages, and use many different words and musical styles.

However, in each self-supporting parishes, they elect a lay governing board or vestry for temporal affairs, which are things like handling the finances of the church.

Furthermore, the spiritual affairs are of course, headed by the rector and the clergy. Mary the Virgin Main Page | Gothic Architecture at Church of St.

Spiritual discipline and worship services are identical to the Catholic Church. Mary the Virgin Church says, "The Episcopalean Church is worked upon a thoroughly Catholic basis..in ritual and teaching.

As far as its organization and leadership, the bishops run the parishes much like the Roman Catholic Church only in areas where the Congregations are not self-supporting missions.Most parishes probably fall in the middle of the two extremes.Unique to the Episcopal Church and Anglican communion is the Book of Common Prayer (BCP), our worship services in use throughout the communion.We articulate our faith in the historic Nicene Creed each Sunday, but there are many ways to understand the Christian faith as it is presented in that text.When the Church of England separated itself from Rome, it did not consider itself to be a Protestant tradition.

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If you’ve been to a Roman Catholic or Lutheran Church, our services will seem very familiar. Anglicanism is often referred to as a “bridge tradition.” We stand squarely in the Reformed tradition, yet considers ourself as directly descended from the Early Church as the Roman Catholic or Eastern Orthodox churches.

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