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Event rowupdating which wasnt

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He clicks the Edit button and starts to make his change. Will "Scott's Tea" be: The way the Sql Data Source control and Grid View work by default is to update all editable fields, regardless of whether they've been modified by the user or not.The following figure illustrates this workflow when Manager A - the manager who updates the unit price to .00 - clicks the Update button after Manager B has already saved his changes.As noted in the Introduction, this behavior is termed "last write wins," and is the default behavior of the Sql Data Source control (and most web applications, for that matter).As you can see, with pessimistic concurrency control steps must be taken to ensure that data isn't inadvertently locked and therefore unable to be modified by other users.Because of these challenges and the diminished user experience that follows, pessimistic concurrency control is rarely used.

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Optimistic assumes that concurrency violations are rare and that if such an error occurs that it's adequate to ask one of the conflicting parties to re-enter their information.

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