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For Apple owners, go to the Apple Store and buy whichever card the company offers for your computer: Air Port Extreme for top machines, Air Port 802.11b for the lower end.

One of the newer Power Books has the card built in, and some new Macs come with the Extreme card.3.

SHARING YOUR NETWORK*You may be eager to include your neighbors and passersby.

If your ISP permits sharing, remove the password from your network.

You can often get a better connection by slightly tilting your laptop or facing a different direction.3.

Futz with the antenna You've likely heard about people attaching a Pringles can to a base station or a laptop client card.

The downside: Compatibility issues may keep you from connecting to your VPN through some wireless networks. At those times, you'll have to surf bare - if you dare.It has a built-in firewall to stop hackers from plucking your credit card number from the airwaves, and a throughput jack lets you hardwire other computers via Ethernet cable. If you're an Apple household, get an Air Port Extreme, about 0.It's prettier than earlier Air Ports, and newer Macs come with the software to run it.2.Not only does it transmit farther, it's more sensitive to incoming signals.As with the base, the card's antenna signal and receptions are strongest in one particular plane.

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If you have an Air Port or another unit with an internal antenna, stand it on end to see if it works any better.

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