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Free sex cyber chat org

He posted back – never answering her question – trying to get her personal email, phone number, and to meet her in person. Should she post and ask Should she do it now, or wait to see if he posts her again?

ANSWER: She should continue to receive his posts (though never reply to them) and keep them for evidence in case she ever needs to file for a protection order from a court.

• Click "Edit Profile" • At the bottom of thr left column, click on "privacy settings" • Choose "customize settings" and lock down most, if not all, the options. They care much more about their growth than your privacy security.

If you plan to use Facebook on an insecure network, like a public Wi-Fi hotspot, first set the encryption option (https) to protect your personal account from being hacked. [If you want to DELETE your Facebook account (not merely deactivate it), do a Google search for "how to delete my Facebook account" (without the quotation marks).

The “s” in https stands for “secure.” Turn on the encryption option by clicking “Account” in the upper right corner of FB, click “Account Settings,” click “Account Security.” Click the first option: “Secure Browsing” (https). Facebook doesn't want you to delete it, so they made it complicated, but there are excellent articles online that'll take you through the steps to permanently delete it.] QUESTION: A woman was contacted by a man on Linked In (a business/social site) who knew her former boss. She posted back to be polite and asked specifically what kind of help he needed. She started getting scared and with her work published on Linked In, she worried that he can figure out where she works and lives.

Roughly half of all victims are verbally threatened, two percent are murdered (usually ex-partners), and many victims suffer from anxiety, social dysfunction, insomnia, and depression for an average of nearly two years.

The electronic version, cyberstalking (whether online or by cell phone) often results from people naïvely revealing too much personal information to a world of potential stalkers and identity thieves.

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