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In our search for the sources and reasons for these injuries, we were unable to identify any previous studies of circumcision injuries from our environment.We therefore decided to carry out this study in order to shed some light on this growing problem.A major failure in quality assurance with circumcision is that practically all operators never make any assessments of the outcome of their surgery after the period of growth so as to reduce the oft-seen poor results.- Pathologist Ken Mc Grath Ninth International Symposium on Circumcision, Genital Integrity and Human Rights Seattle, August 25, 2006 Risks vs benefits A Nigerian study A Kenyan study A Brazilian study A Danish study A urologist's experience Some circumcisionists' study (in ascending order of severity) Correctable complications - re-adhesion Aesthetic damage Phimosis Hairy shaft Wound dehiscence De-gloving Haemorrhage (Bleeding) (now on its own page) Meatal stenosis, meatal ulcer Urethrocutaneous fistula Infection, including MRSA Staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome Hepatitis Tetanus Bladder infections Septic Arthritis other Neuroma Blockage of the Urethra hence Fulminant urosepsis Buried penis Penoscrotal webbing Painful erections Deformity Ischaemia and necrosis Gangrene Necrotising fasciitis (Galloping gangrene) Epidermal inclusion cyst Priapism Gastric rupture Oxygen deprivation Clamp injuries Plastibell ring injuries Loss of glans Ablation (removal) of the penis David Reimer Others Skull fracture!Nor do they include the ones the penises' owners learn to live with - after all, part of the rationale of circumcision is horror of the penis, so the mother of a cut baby probably doesn't get to see or attend to a significant proportion of uneven cuts, scarring etc.The researchers did not cite two of the main studies of complications, those of William and Kapila or Patel.Methods The patients were made up of 370 consecutive consented children attending our infant welfare clinic for immunization over a period of 3 months.

The rate of subsequent repeat surgery to correct adhesions of the glans, meatal stenosis, fistula, and phimosis with buried penis is unknown, but our practice at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia includes about two such cases per month.

Closer examination shows that boys not circumcised at birth continued to be counted as "uncircumcised" throughout the study, and their "penile problems" included complications of post-neonatal circumcisions!

"The estimated 1% to 3% incidence of complications after newborn circumcision covers only the immediate postoperative period prior to the infant's discharge from the hospital.

at the Mass General Hospital for Children found 424 (4.7%) out of 8,967 operations in 2003-7 were for complications resulting from previous neonatal circumcision.

(Note that this is the fraction of operations, not circumcisions) and 127 boys with concerns following newborn circumcision represented 7.4% of the total volume of cases seen in the pediatric urology outpatient clinic.

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(They are still being followed.) This study is potentially valuable, because only one quarter of the 590 boys were circumcised at birth.

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