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Soldiers form attachment to robots they use to disarm explosives.

It just seems to me that it’s not totally implausible that people could develop attachments to robots.

It’s more difficult to see how people could develop the same bonds with robots as with humans.

But there’s evidence to suggest there is attachment between humans and artifacts. There’s an academic called Julie Carpenter at Washington State University who does research between robots and humans.

I love that that’s the “controversial” perspective on the matter.

Danaher hopped on the phone for a Q&A with Pando Daily, and we covered everything from why he personally cares about sex robots to whether prostitutes are going to be out of a job soon. I’m interested in emerging technologies and their ethical and legal implications.

I teach a course on law and ethics and part of it was about different legal regimes on prostitution and sex work.

Lastly, the academic who brought this issue to my attention initially is Keele University’s John Danaher.

A philosophy and ethics lecturer with a , Danaher was brought into the discussion after penning an article for the Journal of Evolution and Technology, arguing an unusual view among the niche world of academics debating sex robots: That such robots would not, in fact, manage to displace prostitutes.

None such bots exist yet, aside from clunky primitive ones like True Companion’s Roxxxy, but that hasn’t stopped a group of British academics from furiously debating the future implications of the sex robot industry.

Yes, a group of stodgy, mostly British scholars is contemplating the future of sex, specifically how technology might transform it.

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I’m projecting into the future too — if the technology develops in certain ways it’s a possibility. The sex robots [in existence] are crude and unsophisticated, but you see other developments in robots that if they converged it could make for an impressive sex robot.

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