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“Don’t know what I want / But I know how to get it.” That’s what Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols “sang” (to use the term loosely) in the angry, seminal song for the ages “Anarchy in the U.

K.” The lyrics probably aren’t referring to getting anything with the assistance of a credit card—banking and capitalism are hardly punk rock, after all. banking group formed under the leadership of serial entrepreneur Richard Branson—who also just so happened to sign the Sex Pistols to his Virgin Records label nearly four decades ago.

Travel bloggers say reining in costs starts before you travel.

See more Our holiday spending survey finds frugal gift-giving is in, with only 53 percent of consumers planning to shell out or more for their most-expensive gift this year.

But in a surprising move that calls to mind another passage from “Anarchy in the U. “In 1977 Virgin Records signed one of their most iconic bands, The Sex Pistols,” the Virgin Money site states.

K.” (“Your future dream is a shopping scheme”), a new line of Sex Pistols-themed credit cards has just been launched in the U. “They challenged convention and the established way of thinking—just as we are doing today in our quest to shake up UK banking.” “To bring a bit of rebellion to your wallet,” Virgin Money has introduced three different Sex Pistols-themed cards featuring the names and imagery of the band, including an “Anarchy in the U.

Though student loans ranked second at 31 percent, that represents a considerable margin below the 40 percent who hold card debt.

Navient's third annual "Money Under 35" survey, which was conducted by research firm Ipsos, was released Oct. See more How cardholder behavior can affect credit access Lesser known "behavior scores" consider unique aspects of your credit card behavior, and may affect your access to credit offers and benefits. Designed for ease-of-use and instant gratification, the new Uber Visa card's most compelling feature is a 4 percent rewards rate on dining out.

See related: Anatomy of a credit card, 10 data breach protection tips, New technologies, analytics to battle online fraud We encourage an active and insightful conversation among our users.Student loan servicer Navient canvassed over 3,000 U. consumers age 22-25 and asked whether they currently hold certain types of debt.Three-quarters reported carrying at least one type, with credit card balances topping the list at 4 in 10 millennials.Thirty-five percent will spend less than on their priciest present.10 things NOT to do when you apply for a credit card: You know that applying for a lot of credit cards or loans will hurt your score.

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