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We met for dinner at a local restaurant, and had sat down and were making small talk, but before the salads arrived, he jumped right into telling me how he was searching for his Eternal Companion, and wanted to begin his Eternal Family right away. I was clear in my profile that I already have three children.

Aloud, I diplomatically try and remind him that if he’s in a rush to create an Eternal Family, I might not be the right woman for him to be dating.

I'm autistic, ex-bipolar, and attracted to other guys (gay/SSA/whatever). It's exacerbated by the fact that I don't really have any plans for this weekend - no one who I'm really interested in going Black Friday shopping with (since I'd only go for the social aspect), no people to really hang out with in the first place.

It is: An elite app for celebrities, models, artists, and other generally cultured people. It is: An app that literally tracks you, showing you when and how often you cross paths with other users. Who you want to find: The girl with the dimples you've seen at the corner store twice.

Who you actually find: A hundred women who never move past the first swipe. The catch: Faking chemistry with one person is one thing. Who you want to find: Two ungodly attractive individuals who you will never have to see again. Who you want to find: A casually attractive hook-up.

Who you actually find: Two similarly inexperienced individuals who won't make this any less awkward. Who you actually find: A casually attractive hook-up, but only after 37 failed attempts. The catch: You gotta make over 0K a year or be voted in based purely on your looks.

I would find that darling for my daughter, at sixteen, being asked to the prom. My observation is that we are looking for cultural markers within the world of mormonism, sometimes (often?

) more than we are looking at the actual human-being sitting across from us.

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What I found in the LDS dating as an over 30 divorced woman was that the men in my demographic, almost without fail, were fishing in the 20-year old pond. Well, with over 25 men contacting me from one LDS dating site, only one was within 5 years of my age. On the converse side, a male dinner companion from the other night was telling about his dating site experience. So in the spirit of sociological experimentation, he created a bombastic, misogynistic ***hole of an imaginary RM, with a picture of a super Mormon looking dude he cribbed from a google search, tossed in every buzzword he could imagine, and the hits started rolling. Some imaginary jerkwad who told women he would “preside over them in righteousness” while they “fulfilled their roll in the kitchen and bedroom” was getting all sorts of emails from cute girls with Utah hair and Shade t-shirts, while a real, genuine, nice guy was watching dust collect and listening to crickets chirp.

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