Lets dating japan

Lets dating japan

It also cited how the idea of maintaining clean surroundings actually dates back to Confucius, and that this represents one of the great divides between Greco-Roman and Asian schools of thought.

While in Asia cleaning is a task that is to be divided equally amongst members of a group and represents a way of bringing them together (and closer to spirituality), the Greco-Roman tradition associates cleaning with the lower classes, which is why jobs like janitors and house-cleaners are still stigmatized in the West and cleaning is often looked down upon as annoying, inconvenient, and sometimes even downright demeaning. Cleanliness is so revered here that many business owners spend the first part of their day washing and removing debris from the pavement outside their shops as a way of readying themselves for the day and indicating that they are preparing to open their doors to guests.

Still, there is something to be said for falling into bed with a freshly bathed bod.

Now those large luxurious showers at love hotels make so much more sense, since a good sudsing up is apparently part of the foreplay.

Yet there is something that is almost immediately obvious to anyone who’s been to a club in other parts of the world.

Why are there no people groping each other on the dance floor?

It would seem that some Japanese don’t want to get dirty with someone until they’re nice and clean.

The idea that you should only welcome visitors or guests into a clean environment extends beyond the business world to your living space.

For a long time, I wondered if perhaps Japanese people didn’t engage in the random hook-ups that are such an integral part of the dating scene in the West.

I’ve come to realize that this is not necessarily the case, but the hook-up scene here is totally different from that in the wild West for a number of reasons. In the US and UK, the majority of hook-ups are facilitated by that most venerable of locations – the bar.

And it’s a two-way street – they don’t feel comfortable getting down to business until they’ve had a chance to ensure they are sparkling clean downstairs.

In some ways, it’s a shame since it takes the spontaneity out of getting it on and it must have some impact on the whole pheromone attraction thing (plus think of all the water that’s wasted on bathing before and after the act).

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People often ask me about what it’s like to date a Japanese man and how different it is from dating Americans or other Westerners.

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