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Speaking of the billionaire Snapchat founder, Miranda revealed the very normal way they bond together.“He’s a very traditional man.

When he comes home he loves to have dinner together and catch up on our days.”And while Miranda admits that she would love to give the hard worker a rewarding massage after a day spent making millions, she admits: “He would rather me hug him than give him foot massages!

It didn’t take long for their banter to blossom into something more, and six months in, things became serious when the model introduced her new beau to her main man; son Flynn.All of this tends to provide much amusement to our mail lady and the UPS/Fed Ex... It is so liberating Today is the first day that I'm on summer vacation and I'm home lone and of course naked. I love being naked at home it is so freeing and sooo comfortable.and well being you get when you remove your clothes has to be experienced by everyone. My family will never be ok with being naked around the house so every time I'm home alone I...You can see in Amanda's video -- obtained by the Daily Mirror -- she was not panicked at first by the gunfire. Naturally, the world lost their marbles when photos emerged of a very nude Orlando Bloom paddle-boarding with girlfriend Katy Perry.

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After the initial novelty of living with a naked woman wore off he got funny with me... Kiss, Biene (don't forget to visit my tumblr photo blog - see profile infos) I live in the upstairs suite of a house. I made a pot of coffee and took off my nightgown to take a shower. Anyway he went away for the week on business and gave me a key to his house.

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