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The Smart Dust control unit is still on the fritz and wreaking havoc on the town’s communications systems.Worse, the bio-printer has gone missing, Holly is definitely not herself, and Astraeus crewmembers are mysteriously disappearing at the hands of Carter and Deputy Andy.Jul 2, 2012 When Grace's spying is revealed, mistrust is in the air.Major Shaw shows up to take control of the situation just as a geo-engineering project cuts off communications to the outside world, and a mysterious message to Holly has her acting not like herself. Jun 25, 2012 Carter's best-laid plans to give Allison a romantic honeymoon are thrown for a loop when their definitions of "romantic" differ... But there's more in the way of their relaxing getaway when saboteurs are uncovered in Eureka and the re-embodiment of Holly encounters some technical difficulties that could threaten her very existence – virtual or otherwise.It's been a month since the Astraeus crew vanished.

But the real-life simulation proves a little too disastrous: it may be just an exercise but those missiles pointed at Eureka absolutely real!Jun 4, 2012 As the town of Eureka holds a memorial service for Holly Marten, Fargo and Zane secretly work to retrieve Holly's "consciousness" from the Matrix Eureka computer mainframe.But with the installation of a new "Big Brother" DOD security program at GD, that isn't easy.But when Carter's life hangs in the balance the unusual activities are revealed, risking the very existence of the team.May 7, 2012 With life back to normal, the Astraeus crew struggles to overcome their Matrix Eureka experience: what was real, what wasn't and what could become self-fulfilling prophecy.

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If they can find the computer, they can find the missing crew.

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