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Presenting the moral in the form of a story makes it easier to absorb.

” “Excuse me, but that’s a queer name for a baby, aunty?

Not being able to read well, they sounded it out badly, it fell on their ears prettily, and thus Baby was named.

Alternatively, they interpreted what was written on the bracelet as the hospital having already named their child and the matter now being out of their hands.

” “Dat ain’t her full name,” explained the old woman with pride; “dat’s jes’ de pet name I calls for short. Her ma picked it out in a medicine book — yessum, de child’s full name is Eczema.” Betty had just given birth to a daughter, and she was discussing the choice of a name with her roommate, who was equally clueless.

Mulling over the possibilities, Betty considered a word that she’d recently heard on the obstetric ward.

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It now exists in two slightly different forms — the parents either misread a word, coming up with an unusual but pleasant-sounding pronunciation of same, or a member of the medical staff is overheard to properly pronounce the word, the parents think it pretty, and thus choose to stick the youngster with it.

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    The film is in Spanish – with EASY TO READ subtitles in bright yellow in a font size I wish more DVDs would use – but the songs (all performed by Mc Ilnery) all in English and there is plenty of music here.

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