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Post dating cheques law

If you want to make a person-to-person payment on a particular future date it may be preferable to set up a standing order or one-off automated payment using online, mobile or phone banking services.To do this you will need the recipient’s account name and number, and sort code.

This could potentially incur you charges and cause inconvenience to the recipient.

There is a down side to accepting post dated checks...

If a creditor accepts a post-dated check in exchange for merchandise or services, in many jurisdictions the seller is considered to have extended credit to the issuer of that check.

So the safest practice is not to write post-dated cheques at all and set up a series of standing order payments, (provided the recipient is set up to accept automated payments to their account).

Or you can future date a series of online or mobile banking payments. In general, banks do not charge cheque writers for returning a cheque unpaid because it is post-dated.

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As a result, the transaction is not considered as issuance of a "bad check" since the creditor released the merchandise or performed the service in reliance of the check writer's promise to pay at some later date rather than in reliance of the check's negotiability.

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