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"Any assembly from scratch would take just as much time as this did. " I turned to him and the two of us stared at each other for a few seconds. But when you said you wanted to set this up, you never told me you bought everything in unassembled parts. I never had problems getting intimate with guys, as I was really proud of my natural gifts.Thanks to the unrealistic representation of women in the mass media, every girl I knew struggled with their body image. I was that one-in-a-million girl who happened to have the perfect figure without having to work my ass off in a gym, starving myself or having to do plastic surgeries. "Lucy, you said I was the first lesbian student you found here. Thank you dear." I grabbed my phone from my pocket. went to the pride march on Sunday." She pulled me into a hug and started rubbing my back softly with her hands. You were always one of my favorite students in class, even before I found out you were a lesbian." "Thanks Lucy." Just before I walked out of her office, I turned back to her. Though I can't say I'll ever be able to look at her the same again." "I understand.My clit actually started to hurt by the end of the day from all the stimulation. I couldn't stop thinking about that ugly geek and his huge penis.You know, from the moment I lost my virginity, I always liked sex.

So even though I liked to show off my body and often dressed in a way that invited men's stares, I was really picky who to let actually see me naked and enjoy my body. Especially now that I finally have some semblance of a relationship with Elizabeth. " I took out my phone and instantly typed out a message for her. Luckily, the next class was right around the corner, so I won't be delayed any further. Thanks and bye." He placed a kiss on my cheek and then ran towards the cafeteria. And it is fine if people assume I'm straight because I never said anything otherwise, but I wouldn't want to imply that I am. "Thank You." I said, before rushing out of the room. I'd like to thank everyone who liked and commented on the first chapter. Please leave a comment down below letting me know how you felt about this. Thanks ~~~~~ I roamed around the courtyard for the remainder of my time, desperately searching for something to bring me down from my sexual high. It was something that rarely happened at our high school, so it was safe to say we were pleasantly surprised by this. Martinez was one of the younger and teachers, so if anyone was going to let us go early, it would probably be her. I groaned internally, before picking up the bigger stack and following her to her office. Her eyes were trained on me intently, akin to an expert detective interrogating a murder suspect. Unfortunately, I couldn't get one as they were all occupied. " I guess he is just trying to make small talk to lighten the mood. It was amazing, though I liked Dishonored 1 better." "Cool. It was amazing." We continued our discussion on video games for another 20 minutes before we made it to Michael's house.Slowly, I made my way to the classroom, as it was quite far from where I was currently standing. It was Michael, a guy I recognized as Sanju's classmate from her Contemporary Art class. But he's busy with his girlfriend Naomi." "Rob has a girlfriend?! I thought I could get through them quite quickly but I overestimated my speed... I could do with the exercise." "You probably could. One of the missed calls was from Sanju, but the other two were from Elizabeth. ~~~~~ ~~~~~ I leaned back in my chair and spent the rest of the class thinking of the most disgusting things I could imagine to try and snub my arousal. I can beat myself over it later tonight when I'm in bed. ~~~~~ It took us over 2 hours to assemble the whole thing.

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Lucky for me, there was only one lonely girl sitting on bench with her head buried in a book, otherwise the place was deserted. Even though I didn't tell many people that I was a lesbian, I still am one. playing video games." Her expression became much softer and she moved closer to me, grabbing my hand and rubbing it smoothly with her fingers. Finally, after a full minute of silence, she answered. As for being late, inform your teacher that you were in my office helping me with some papers." She gave me a light smile.

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