Saudi girls sex

Saudi girls sex

LONDON (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - At least 15 million teenage girls worldwide have been forced into sex - often by partners, relatives or friends - yet only one in 100 sought help, the United Nations said on Wednesday.

Cameroon had the highest rate of sexual violence, with one in six teenage girls experiencing forced sex, the U.

However, some restrictions have been loosened in recent years - women were allowed to vote for the first time in 2015, and further reforms have been promised under the rule of King Salman, who acceded to the throne two years ago.

The move to provide physical education for girls is part of Saudi Arabia’s ambitious ‘Vision 2030’, a raft of far-reaching reforms designed to modernise the Kingdom’s economy and wean it off its dependence on oil revenue.

“We don’t have the logistics, location or setting and a decree such as this is not as easy as many believe it is…Only 13 per cent of Saudis currently exercise at least once a week, the government says, which is partly to blame for high levels of obesity.Exercise for women has often been framed as a health issue in order to overcome conservative objections.Classes will be gradually implemented at public schools from September 2017, allowing schools time to make sure qualified teachers can be found and facilities upgraded.Exercise for women is a controversial topic for many in the conservative country, where some religious authorities deem it immodest.

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N.’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) - a plan to end poverty, hunger, achieve gender equality and protect the planet by 2030.

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