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Ideally you’ll use cable testers to test any network cables being used. I strongly recommend setting up the constrained delegation for ISO file sharing over the network. Remember you’ll need to disable scanning of any files related to Hyper-V.

Yes, I am being fussy but little things cause big problems. An installation that is done using using an answer file helps there. I personally advise against putting AV on a Hyper-V host because of the risks associated with this. Be very sure that the AV vendor supports scanning files on a CSV.

This is to do with host failure and how the remaining hosts vote. There are actually 4 ways but it breaks down to 2 ways for most companies and installations: Depending on who you talk to or what GUI in Windows you see, this disk is referred to either as a Witness Disk or a Quorum Disk. In my case, I’m binding External Network 1 to the NIC we called Virtual 1.

I recommend creating it in a cluster no matter what. The cluster creation will include the quorum configuration. Label it with the same name you used for the NTFS volume. Most installations will have most, if not all, VM’s stored on a CSV. That gives me this: All of my VM’s will connect to External Network 1.

What I said for virtual network names also applies to tags and VLAN ID’s if you use them. Do continuous pings to/from the VM during a migration.You can also use the free MAP toolkit for Hyper-V to do this.If your physical machine uses 50% of a quad core Xeon then the same VM will use 50% of the same quad core Xeon in a Hyper-V host (actually, probably a tiny bit more to be safe).Now you should identify which physical NIC maps to which Local Area Connection in Windows. And even if they do, there’s no need to be scanning that CSV. Enable the Cluster NIC for the private heartbeat network.Take care of any vendor specific NIC teaming – find out What you’ll have will depend on how many NIC’s you have and what roles you assigned to them. That’s the one you’ll use for the parent partition. This will either be a cross over cable between 2 hosts in a 2 host cluster or a private VLAN on the switch dedicated just to these servers and this task.

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Your cluster may grow or shrink to an uneven number of hosts and may need it. I’m ignoring the other 2 methods because they’ll only be relevant in stretch clusters than span a WAN link and I am not talking about that here. You’ll need a computer name/DNS name for your cluster and an IP address for it. If you have an even number of hosts then go with the Disk option and select the witness disk you just created. It is not hard and only takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Now leave it there should you ever need to change the quorum configuration. CSV is only supported for Hyper-V and not for anything else as you will be warned by Microsoft. An identically named external virtual network exists on all hosts.

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