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There is a good chance of success for the two of you, if your husband accepts responsibility for what he has done and if the two of you are willing to work hard on improving your marriage.Take some time out together You can also take action at home to improve your marriage on a daily basis.I still feel really unhappy about what he has done.Up until this, I thought things were okay in our marriage, though of course we haven’t had much couple time with the demands of four children but this discovery has come as a bolt out of the blue.For example you can prioritise a daily talking time with your husband when you share how each of you are doing.This should be time you have alone perhaps when the children are in bed and to make sure it is distraction free (with the computer and TV turned off).Recently, I discovered that my husband has been using adult chat rooms online and seems to have been communicating in sexually explicit ways with other people.When I challenged him, he was embarrassed and then defensive saying it was just harmless flirting and that he had not gone over any line.

Moving forward In the aftermath of discovering your husband’s online world, it is perfectly understandable that you might feel disgusted and betrayed and to worry as to how much you can trust your husband.

It may take up to a minute or two for the message to arrive.

Your Black Berry 10 smartphone must be turned on and have network connectivity to receive the message.

When this happens frequently, it can lead to a reduction in their sex-life together, a growing sense of disconnection and an erosion of the marital bond.

Improving the marriage The discovery of your husband’s online world is a crisis in your marriage but it can also represent an opportunity.

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