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She may be wearing something other than a bathing-suit top.

And she may already have plans that night, sadly making a spontaneous late-night ride to the woods out of the question.

By this point, you might imagine the woman looking on a bit skeptically as her date croons at the stars. Anyway, the song’s sexual implications are a bit muddled, becoming perhaps accidentally progressive. v=8Pvebs Wcpto), the guys ride in the truck together.“Cruise” represents a new subgenre that’s been named “bro country,” sung by beefy men who, with their carefully distressed looks, bear not even a passing resemblance to either George Jones or George Strait.

Among the general party atmosphere of their songs is a very specific scene: girl (never woman, often “baby”), car, and booze.

Rose’s is a love letter to bro country, even building the song titles of the hits into the chorus, and a peppy request for the most basic kind of inclusion: “Tonight I wanna be the girl in your truck song / The one that makes you sing along / Makes you wanna cruise, drink a little Moonshine down, leave a couple tattoos on this town.” Last week, the bros themselves weighed in: Luke Bryan, Cole Swindell, and Jason Aldean tweeted links to Maggie Rose’s song to their millions of followers.

Pop music isn’t a horse race, but for the good of all things let’s root for Maddie and Tae.

The song, co-written with Aaron Scherz, is in some ways a novelty: it earns most of its laughs by knowingly messing around with bro-country stereotypes, and it alludes directly to several hits currently on the radio, including Blake Shelton’s “Boys ’Round Here.” But it is also designed for mass commercial appeal: it sounds a lot like the songs that it is critiquing, and it serves as a reminder of why those songs are popular in the first place.Cole Swindell’s “Just Chillin’ It”: “I got my shades on, top back / Rollin’ with the music jacked / One on the wheel, one around you baby.” Chase Rice’s “Ready Set Roll”: “Damn pretty girl, you went done it again / You’ve gone and turned your sexy all the way up to ten / I’ve never seen a side-ride seat looking so hot.” (Ah yes, the dream of every young girl: to one day become a hot “side-ride seat.”) Jason Aldean’s “Night Train” hits all the bases: “What you say I pick you up after work?/ Slide over, we’ll slip out to the outskirts of town / Got a blanket and a fifth of Comfort, a little something to knock off the edge.” Luke Bryan’s “That’s My Kind of Night” may be studied at some later date as the sad apotheosis of the genre: The trifecta of drinking, objectifying women, and driving is not exactly breaking the mold in terms of pop- or country-music tropes.The head of their label, Scott Borchetta, the man credited with discovering Taylor Swift, has talked about “activating” the pair, which is industry jargon, but also sounds as if he is talking about extremely lifelike robots.Becoming the faces of country’s bro backlash could be very good for business. The spectre of the Dixie Chicks, and their swift ouster, in 2003, from the ranks of country royalty after Natalie Maines, the lead singer, made disparaging comments about George W.

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Musically, “Cruise” is forward-thinking, combining traditional country harmonies and a banjo backing with rock and roll stadium-show guitars and drums.

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