Signs of dating a controlling person Sexpic chat site

Signs of dating a controlling person

We like to have some control of our lives, and at times, this obsession to control the circumstances in our lives end up turning us into control freaks.

[Read: Top 20 reasons for divorce that couples overlook] Controlling behavior in a relationship Controlling behavior in a relationship doesn’t just show up all of a sudden.

If your partner expects you to do something for them, they should be prepared to do the same for you.

In a relationship, both partners have an equal say, and earning more money doesn’t give one partner more control or say in a relationship. The more you depend on your partner for your existence, the more you’ll be controlled.

Use these 16 steps to slowly change them, and become a better person yourself at the same time. When you partner tells you not to do something, don’t just accept it.

Instead, calmly ask your partner for an explanation.

[Read: 15 subtle signs of a controlling boyfriend] If you’ve ever felt like your partner is trying to control you, even in a small way, it’s time you put a stop to it.

When your partner controls you, it’s always because they feel like you never take a stand or are easily manipulated or pushed over.Have a few of your own achievements that you can be proud of, and you’ll feel better about yourself and get the respect of your partner.Your partner would take you for granted only if they feel like they don’t really need you for anything.Learn to be more confident about yourself and your ideas.If you truly believe you’re right, don’t backtrack your opinions.

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Calmly voice your opinion and as long as you know you’re right, you’ll be able to get the message across.

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