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I was reluctant to do this because I knew from experience that when a guy mentions the things he likes, there’s a good chance he will try to make it happen.

I’m one of those guys who likes to do the whole video thing because I’m super shy when it comes to meeting people, let alone sex.I tried to direct the conversation elsewhere and asked him if I could see his mug.“It really helps to get me going if I can check out the other person in full view. Everything I saw was pretty hot and to his credit, the pictures he had sent me earlier matched what I was seeing on camera. It took some cajoling but he eventually pushed on his desk, rolling it forward. Trent had a well-kept beard, high cheekbones and short, brownish hair.Can you take your clothes off and back up a bit so that I can see your face? He wasn’t model material or anything – there were lines and creases – but he was a very handsome guy.And so as we did our thing and continued or commentary back and forth, something caught my eye. He eventually gave me the order to release for him and like an idiot, I complied.Hanging on the knob of a cabinet off to his side, I could see a red cap with white lettering. Our timing wasn’t exactly the same but he ended up doing the same a few minutes later.

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”I couldn’t help myself anymore and so I just came right out and asked: “Hey, is that a Trump hat you have behind you? But after that we can,” he mentioned.“Maybe, let’s see what happens,” I said, just before closing Skype.

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