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https://uk/using-the-road-159-to-203/road-junctions-170-to-183 “Few motorists (or cyclists) know this rule exists …”: I asked, on Twitter. Of those who knew, they said they had learned of the rule only since becoming pedestrian- or cycle-advocates.That pedestrians don’t have to jump out of the way at junctions is not common knowledge.Traffic signals are being adjusted to give more time to pedestrian and even on major arterials drivers are encouraged to reduce their speeds with alternating traffic signals where before there might have been a long succession of green lights a long way into the distance.

Batchelder was described so , Sturmey was very active at promoting cycling even while he was also promoting motoring. free from fodder, free from timetables, free from rails …We want a vehicle that can run at high speeds in an out of the large towns.If the motor-car cannot fill this requirement, then something must and will be found that can – underground trams, deep-level tubes, electrified railways … Motor-cars will fall out of the main current of the nation’s life, or rather they will never get into it, and will touch the life of the average man as little does a … “Most of us, both on bicycle and on motor-car, have travelled [the Great North Road].“There was nothing inevitable about the acceptance of motoring”: From “The Motor Problem: A Road Problem,” paper read by William Rees Jeffreys at the Automobile Club, March 12th, 1903: “If you say [25 miles per hour] is for ever impossible in the towns, then you have doomed the motor-car.If you draw a ring fence round the large centres of population, and, say, that within fifteen miles of the Bank of England, and five miles of the town halls of Manchester, and every other large town, the motor-vehicle must be a crippled thing …

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then you have ruled out the motor-car from playing any large part in the future development of this country …

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