Telugu sex chating stories collections

Telugu sex chating stories collections

But self-publishing is self defeating in my opinion.

Very rarely there have been cases that you self-publish a book and it does well.

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There is an option of self-publishing too these days. I have always discouraged young writers from self-publishing by which I mean, going to a vanity publisher and spending your hard earned savings, say some two-three lakhs, and getting your book printed. They'll print the book for you and deliver 500 copies to you. You give them away to your friends because that publisher has been paid, he has made his money, he is not going to sell the book or distribute it for you, put it in the book shops or make it available anywhere!

And so they were published by only smaller magazines or magazines of university press which perhaps gave more variety.

I remember there were a couple of London papers who would take up short stories in their evening news, back in the 50s and 60s.

But again, the stories had to be let's say 800-900 words long, it had to be light-punchy, sort of O. So it didn't give you much scope for literary flourishes.

So you can't go and stand on the street to sell it... Back in the old days in London there was a poet I knew, he would publish little booklets of poetry and he would actually go and sell it on the streets! It is best to look for an established publisher who would give you a royalty because I have always felt that you must be paid, you must get something for your work!

Of course it would take time to find a good publisher, but if your work is good, if you are persistent you will find one sooner or later and maybe even write a bestseller!

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So I was getting a little angry and desperate that I must kill that fly but then I would hold myself back. (laughs) Talking of short stories, do you think the market for short stories is declining these days? They would say that short stories didn't sell; novels did and were more successful.

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