Telugu sex chats text

Telugu sex chats text

Samyu: me 5’6 riky_martin4u : ok riky_martin4u : then Samyu: sorry..i came back riky_martin4u : where gtg riky_martin4u : i m asking ur figure Samyu: just went to kitchen and cam Samyu: e riky_martin4u : ok riky_martin4u : wat eating Samyu: why interestede in my figure? Samyu: i am married Samyu: haha riky_martin4u : wat oh realy Samyu: yeah riky_martin4u : ohh i like marr. 4 thir life riky_martin4u : m i right riky_martin4u : so hw or job Samyu: job?

Samyu: i am working riky_martin4u : ok riky_martin4u : ”n’ hubby Samyu: he in onsite.. Samyu: ok riky_martin4u : ok have kids Samyu: no riky_martin4u : ok Samyu: u married/ riky_martin4u : so now wat r u wear in details with colour or style riky_martin4u : noooo riky_martin4u : abhi to bhabhi se gyan lene ka time hai kyu bhabhi ji Samyu: gyan?

of Samyu: once riky_martin4u : which time riky_martin4u : ?

4m back Samyu: u mean doggy riky_martin4u : yaa Samyu: yes riky_martin4u : no doggy style not i mean enter penis thow ass Samyu: no riky_martin4u : ok so huby not like Samyu: no its not good riky_martin4u : okk riky_martin4u : ok so shadi ke kittne months bas chale gaye the i mean how long time perior to toching Samyu: few days riky_martin4u : may be riky_martin4u : hony moon mei kaha gayi thi Samyu: manali riky_martin4u : ok nice palace riky_martin4u : so tell me no.

of days when hegot riky_martin4u : back Samyu: around 12 riky_martin4u : ok riky_martin4u : so now how u full fill up ur Samyu: once he come back riky_martin4u : mastrubation Samyu: yeah i do Samyu: u do?

riky_martin4u : noo just amging coz she is cute ‘n’ sexy fig riky_martin4u : u told me wat u amaging Samyu: ok Samyu: i imahggine my husband riky_martin4u : ya wat he do with U Samyu: normal sex Samyu: what u imagine riky_martin4u : 1st u tell me in details pls riky_martin4u : hey in ur home other family memb…?

Samyu: yes Samyu: my inlaws riky_martin4u : aur Samyu: thatrs all riky_martin4u : no siter or bro ..? Samyu: no Samyu: ur family riky_martin4u : me & my parensts Samyu: ok riky_martin4u : ‘n’ in ur real family Samyu: me bro and parents riky_martin4u : ok riky_martin4u : so when u com online Samyu(48): at weekend so came riky_martin4u (48): ok not daily riky_martin4u (41): in night Samyu(46): not daily riky_martin4u : but ager baat karni hoo mujhe ya aapko then Samyu: ping me riky_martin4u : means Samyu: send pofflinemsg riky_martin4u : okk but on the time wanna talk riky_martin4u : if u don’t mind an we r share mobile no. boy Samyu: sorry.chatting.personal contacts riky_martin4u : its ok but give me just one reason 4 that if u give me ur no.

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