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No student leaves an RSD program without an opportunity to gain a clear idea of what a naturally attractive man looks like, and what he needs to do to work towards being one him self.RSD does not say, “This is what an attractive man looks like.” RSD demonstrates being an attractive man, by going out and attracting women live.As the industry leader, the dating coach trends have followed the exclusive innovations and standards of RSDM.A great deal of the terminology, theory, and even teachers that can be found in the industry today can be traced back to RSD and a few exclusive individuals that it has been tied to.It’s the kind of thing that’s applicable to any person who takes the program.I was shocked to see guys who I honestly had perceived as being very hard cases having girls very into them.RSD’s Live Programs provide clients a unique opportunity to meet its dating coaches, become their wingmen, learn from countless hours of field research, witness dating coaches attract beautiful women in live demonstrations in real-world scenarios, and have them as their personal coach & image consultant. Previously, there were many individuals who made an occupation of giving advice on how to meet women, but no one who was willing to walk the talk and put it their credibility on the line by demonstrating it in real life.

Most guys will spend years dwelling on whether or not to start learning to approach women, when within a weekend they could be up and running.“They have different ages, looks, and backgrounds, but get the same results by using the same RSD material and understandings that is taught on the program.Like an attractive girl who has no trouble attracting practically every man that she interacts with, these guys understand what it means to be attractive to women and are able to convey it to every woman that they meet. Every woman they talk to is attracted instantly, because they understand the subcommunication that women respond to.The RSD crew is dedicated full time to the teaching aspect of the program.Instructors are held to the highest standard of understanding and adapting to the needs of the student, and do not dedicate inordinate amounts of time to showing off but instead integrate students into the process as a part of the overall learning experience.

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Some students are older, some students are younger, and some students want a particular type of woman.

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