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Updating xml file c

Please add comments if I need to post anything else.) EDIT: and then throw it away without doing anything with it. An easy change to an XML file can be reflected across the entire Web site, thus reducing development time and simplifying overall development. The manipulation includes displaying, adding, editing, and deleting data from a single XML file using C#.Create Attribute("ID");// Value given for the new attributenewcatalogattr.Value = "005";// Attach the attribute to the XML elementnewcatalogentry.Set Attribute Node(newcatalogattr);// First Element - Book - Created Xml Element firstelement = xmldoc.Create Element("Author");// Value given for the first elementfirstelement. Get Elements By Tag Name("Machine"); for (int i=0; i Hi, Use Xml Document to load the xml and then navigate through it to find the element that contains the value you want to change.

Get Elements By Tag Name("Machine"); for (int i=0; i Thank you very much. But you made a mistake: In my sample xml file: elem List[i]. Inner Xml = "somecomputer"; should be elem List[0]. Inner Text = "Some Computer; Anyway, I appreciate your warm-heart help.

Combining XML with HTML to display information on Web pages, relieves Web developers from having to spend lots of time editing the content on their Web pages. NET programmign langauges, along with frameworks such as ASP. In this article, you will learn how to use C# to manipulate an XML file.

NET' application's configuration file (web.config) is built completely upon XML tags.

Listing 4: Add // New XML Element Created Xml Element newcatalogentry = xmldoc.

Create Element("Book");// New Attribute Created Xml Attribute newcatalogattr = xmldoc.

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I am building an application that will use textbox input to edit the contents of a xml file. Then you try to deserialize an Xml Reader, which is not a serializable class.

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