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My husband had just woke and gotten outta bed and I lay still half asleep when I felt someone (my Mom) sitting on the end of my bed and slowly get up and walk to the side of the bed where I was laying. While I no longer see strange things (at least not that i am aware) i’m still very in tune with how things “feel” even now as a 23 year old.

As they stood there I got this tremendous surge through out my body that lasted a few seconds and go away for a second and came back again not as strong or as long. I think I am beginning to tap into other gifts as well- recently i’ve become very attuned to frequencies, I can hear strange sounds (like a radio tuning) and often randomly/out of the blue or when I have just read/see/felt something compelling.

I often have the “spiritual chill” even while reading this.

I have also been feeling a lot of pressure or tingling at the top of my head – I have begun to reflect inward in hopes of learning more about these sensations.

At first I thought it was the energy of the stone I was holding while talking to the owner that games in intense chills. I’m going back there tomorrow another session with my meditation teacher and hopefully she will be there but what do you think it means???

I did a meditation session with someone else and after I came out, I happen to start speaking with the owner again and here come the chills again! Reply I am 12 years old,and I have been experiencing these “Spiritul Chills” for about a year now and it kinda scares me!

My friends in school said it means a spirit is taking over a body (a bad one) so I’m trying my best to believe it’s my Guardian Angel!!!

Is it Really my Guardian Angel,am I still safe Reply Hi Jaclyn, You are safe!

I share exactly how to do this here: Creating a Psychic Shield with Golden Light and Help from Archangel Michael: Reply I know that feeling, I have, for so long, had this “ability” to feel or see things others couldn’t. If it does not feel right or it just feels bad, its a demon, and if you feel safe, it is an angel.I myself have found this to b very weird yet i have never been able to explain it either..Reply yes i meditate and think good thoughts and get showered by chills starts from head all over body into my feet more than once feels damn good brah, kinda weird tho but kinda obvious it means something cus i only get them when thinking good stuff in meditation Reply I had A strange experience today, I was driving home and speaking to a friend about my best mate taken from me in a motorcycle accident 47 years ago when we were 16.Reply I had a dream last night, I was on my right side lying down on my bed.I saw this figure lay down beside me and hugged me from the back. The chills woke me up and it lasted for a few more mins.

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last night was the worst one because i had woken up at 3 something in the morning and tried to sleep again but suddenly my eyes are wide open and it feels like an energy went through only the left side of my body.

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